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a single point of responsibility for all SOFTWARE licensing requirements.

Certus provides a single point of responsibility for all software licensing requirements, and so has a thorough understanding of an organisation's overall licensing position. Certus also assists in forecasting future software expenditure, helping organisations shape budgets and understand the true total cost of ownership.

Software Purchase & Renewals

Adopting effective software management practices can help reduce the legal exposure of your organisation relating to poor licence management while maximising value on a limited budget. 

Certus offers a range of Licencing and Software Asset Management services to assist you to achieve this objective, beginning with a software licence audit. An audit involves a review of licensing information from vendors to obtain an accurate picture of your licensing entitlements, and in some more complex environments may extend to an in-depth examination of documentation and historical financial data to uncover a detailed picture of past software purchases.

The process results in a report of total assets discovered along with recommendations on how to profit from this information.

Licensing Services

Certus Licensing, analysis and reporting solutions will assist customers to:

  • Remain compliant and avoid audit pain and cost
  • Tap into software licensing subject matter expertise that they wouldn’t have internally
  • Keep up-to-date with upgrades and solutions that are becoming end-of-life
  • Monitor SaaS usage assisting in keeping overage use down
  • Ensure they are not overpaying for Software renewals by identifying usage
  • Identify additional and complementary solutions

Meet Lee

Lee Eglinton is General Manager of Certus Australia and New Zealand. She is responsible for the strategy and execution of the ANZ Business Plan as well as coordinating the lines of business to deliver sophisticated solutions capabilities to Australian and New Zealand clients.