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Are you able to balance across multiple business units with complete confidence to deliver reporting and forecasting that is accurate to 0.01%? Here is Dan Linstedt, the inventor of Data Vault 2.0, explaining how Commonwealth Bank achieved this.



A lack of confidence in your data creates a hidden, yet hard cost for your department when dealing with outdated, missing, duplicate or non-conforming data. This cost can be measured in terms of both frustration and man-hours: swallowing resources, creating layers of bureaucracy, unnecessary process and slowing your department's effectiveness.

Your needs are always shifting and your data must be agile to keep up. How often are you required to find new data, demanding new reports or analysis?Working with IT can typically mean 12-week lead-times to incorporate new data which, for most finance departments, is simply unrealistic.

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Even when you manage to generate the requeted reports, there may still be an underlying distrust in the data that they are built upon. This often results in reports being discounted or ignored. Regain control, and embrace the data-driven era with Data Vault 2.0.

Is Data Vault right for you? Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you guarantee your data accuracy to 0.01%, even across multiple business units?
  • Can you produce reports in a timely and agile way?
  • Is your team spending too much time reworking or manipulating data?
  • Is data gathering a drain on your department’s resources?
  • Is IT slow and costly to respond to new data requirements?
  • Is there a lack of trust in the data that your organisation is reporting?
  • Do you want to unlock the power of Big Data in your organisation?

Solution we Offer

Unlock the promise of Big Data with accurate and timely information management and gain clearer insights across your structured and unstructured data. With Data Vault 2.0 you can create an infinitely scalable architecture that is quicker to implement, load data into and create reports.

About DataVault 2.0

Build a data-driven business that uses insights instead of assumptions by leveraging Data Warehousing that’s predictable, repeatable and scalable – Data Vault 2.0.


Equip your team with the skills to start making data-driven decisions. Our three-day Boot Camp will immerse you in the standards, methods, architecture and design necessary to create a Data Vault 2.0.


At Certus we understand the importance of supporting our customers through their Data Vault 2.0 journey. Our services allow you to manage your learning, design, implementation and ongoing support.


Data Vault 2.0 offers fast deployment times and unmatched success rates delivered through a consistent, repeatable and pattern-based methodology that goes all the way down to the implementation level.

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