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With the explosion in Big Data, the modern marketing department now has access to more data than ever before. But traditional IT systems struggle to keep up with the agile needs of a marketing department and this causes marketing to work around IT, rather than with them. Building agility into your foundational Data Warehouse removes this problem, giving you the ability to unlock the hidden value of your data.

Data accuracy is a critical consideration for the modern marketer. Only by understanding all the interactions and inputs of any given customer, across multiple systems and business units, can you build a true picture of them and their needs. Mishandling customer data or providing poorly targeted, or inappropriate, offerings can be extremely damaging to your brand. Making decisions on bad data is just building a house of cards that will eventually come tumbling down.

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To create a successful, data-driven marketing strategy that can deliver both incremental revenue and strategic value, you must start at the foundational level. This will help deliver both differentiation and competitive advantage for your organisation.

Data Vault 2.0 provides significantly increased data accuracy, in a faster and more agile way, that is also less expensive for your organisation to build and maintain. 

Is Data Vault 2.0 right for you? Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your organisation's data a marketing asset?
  • Can you leverage your organisational data for marketing strategy?
  • Is your data accessible and do you have a single customer view?
  • Can you create data-driven marketing programs in a timely and agile way?
  • Is data gathering and manipulation a drain on your department's resources?
  • Is IT slow and costly to respond to new data requirements?

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Unlock the promise of Big Data with accurate and timely information management and gain clearer insights across your structured and unstructured data. With Data Vault 2.0 you can create an infinitely scalable architecture that is quicker to implement, load data into and create reports.

About DataVault 2.0

Build a data-driven business that uses insights instead of assumptions by leveraging Data Warehousing that’s predictable, repeatable and scalable – Data Vault 2.0.


Equip your team the skills to start making data-driven decisions. Our three-day Boot Camp will immerse you in the standards, methods, architecture and design necessary to create a Data Vault 2.0.


At Certus we understand the importance of supporting our customers through their Data Vault 2.0 journey. Our services allow you to manage your learning, design, implementation and ongoing support.


Data Vault 2.0 offers fast deployment times and unmatched success rates delivered through a consistent, repeatable and pattern-based methodology that goes all the way down to the implementation level.

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