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At Certus we understand the importance of supporting our customers through their Data Vault 2.0 journey. Our services allow you to manage your learning, design, implementation and ongoing support. Get access to the vital expertise, mentoring and support needed to guide you through the process to ensure the success of your Data Vault 2.0 projects.


Learn from the source. Certus Solutions is the only official registered Data Vault 2.0 training partner in ANZ and can help you and your team build the skills for success.

Our trainers deliver an immersive three-day boot camp that will outline the benefits of Data Vault 2.0 and give you the practical skills to take your first steps towards an implementation.

This is the only way to become truly certified in leading Data Vault principles and best practices. Our authorised trainers also have real-world experience building Data Vault solutions on-site for customers just like you.

Learn More About Data Vault 2.0


As you embark upon your Data Vault 2.0 journey, it's essential that you retain access to expert knowledge. Certus offers a Mentoring Service, providing you access to our Data Vault Consultants when you need it. You can scale up or down your engagement depending on your needs and the demands of your projects. 

Mentoring is especially useful during the initial conception/design phase, helping you ensure your architecture is robust, resilient and scalable. Certus Mentoring Services are designed to augment the existing skills of your team. We can provide everything from workshops to bespoke training to one-to-one mentoring.


Working in partnership with your team, our Data Vault 2.0 consultants offer you the experience and practical knowledge needed to ensure successful delivery.

Our consultants are all experienced in solving common challenges with data volume, variety, velocity and complexity. They work on some of ANZ’s most complex projects and leverage an Agile Delivery Methodology that encourages stakeholder feedback and accelerates skill acquisition among team members.


The Certus Data Vault Platform is a holistic best of breed platform enabling organisations to efficiently adopt the Data Vault 2.0 methodology to modernise their Information Management capabilities.

The Certus Data Vault Platform combines the Data Vault 2.0 Methodology with the latest capabilities in managed cloud infrastructure, best of breed technologies, ETL automation, metadata management and governance & data quality as well as end to end managed services. The Platform is matched with a delivery framework including Agile Delivery Methodologies, project & design templates as well as resource training and coaching. Certus’ unique approach provides a holistic way to modernise your Information Management capabilities covering People Process and Technology.

DV Platform minimum capabilities

Certus’ unique enterprise-grade platform is a scalable, flexible, and extensible solution, simplifying deployment and providing the fastest and most cost-effective path to DV 2.0 deployment. Certus DV Platform minimum capabilities.

  • Rapid Cloud deployment
  • Multiple data acquisition methods covering a range of frequencies and types.
  • Relational & Big Data repositories for structured & unstructured data
  • Capabilities for ingesting and building a data vault with standards, governance and performance
  • Standards, support and documentation

Certus Data Vault Platform benefits:

Remove the risk from your DV 2.0 deployment with our proven platform. Provided as a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), the Certus Data Vault 2.0 Platform offers a holistic and simple pathway to realising the following benefits: 

  • Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment in weeks not months
  • Low entry cost with automated ETL generation
  • Automated maintenance that reduces ongoing costs
  • Scalable and extensible for additional sources and domains of data
  • End to end managed service
  • Support for structured and unstructured data
  • Inbuilt Data Quality Management and Governance
  • Certus industry-specific Accelerators (for select industries)
  • Certus extensions to Data Quality Management, Information Governance, Master Data Management, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  • The support of the Certus team of certified Data Vault practitioners. trainers and coaches
  • With the Certus Data Vault platform customers can reduce the time cost and effort to adopt and extend a Data Vault 2.0 data warehouse, enabling them to focus on real insights an innovation at a speed that meets their customer’s expectation.


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