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IBM Audit Response

IBM Audit Response

Get through your audit & get back to business

The IBM audit process can be lengthy and stressful. If you don’t have a good understanding of your position, it can be challenging to navigate your way through with confidence.

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You’ve just been served an audit letter, what happens now?

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    Audit Notification
    IBM letter arrives informing you an audit will be taking place. A meeting is arranged between you, IBM and the auditor to discuss scope and timing.
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    Kick Off
    The auditor will issue specific instructions and/or scripts, and forms for data collection for the IBM software in your environment.
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    Data Gathering
    You will need to collect required data, complete forms and provide relevant configuration detail of your environments.
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    Initial Reconciliation
    The auditor issues a ‘Draft License Position’ document based on your provided data and license entitlement information.
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    You review their findings and provide feedback, clarifications or questions. Further iterations may be required to ensure the document is accurate.
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    Audit Close Out
    The auditor provides the final agreed position document to IBM for audit close out. Any non-compliance settlement will be negotiated with IBM.
IBM Audit Response

Certus IBM Audit Response

The IBM audit process can take anywhere from a few months to over a year depending on your situation. This requires a significant investment of your time and internal resources.  Bringing in an IBM audit expert helps ensure the correct information is gathered and properly submitted to the auditors. Certus has dedicated specialists in IBM software licensing and has helped many organisations in Australia and New Zealand through an audit.




Guidance through each step

We help you to be prepared and engage the audit process confidently.



Deliver the right information

We will review and validate your data to identify potential risks prior to auditor delivery.



Get the best outcome

We provide the licensing expertise and experiece to enable a favourable audit outcome with IBM.


Business benefits

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    Peace of mind
    By knowing your IBM licensing requirements are always compliant, you’ll avoid any costly surprises if you get audited.
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    Cost savings
    Optimising your software asset management processes will help uncover strategies for cost savings and better efficiency.
  • tactic@2x
    Stay ahead of change
    Tap into software licensing subject matter expertise and keep up-to-date on upgrades and solutions that are becoming end-of-life

Engaging with Certus for their ILMT expertise, plus in-depth understanding of IBM Products and licensing constructs, was absolutely invaluable and cannot be understated. Their expertise and advice allowed me, with our CIO, to engage most effectively with IBM and their auditors, minimising our exposure.
Mary Sinclair
Head of Tech Transformation | KiwiRail
This service has been important to us to keep on top of licensing given the complexity of the license model. The service has saved our local resources time as well as mitigate any risks from a compliance standpoint. The report received is very detailed, easy to follow and points out recommendations and steps we need to take.
John Kardas
Network & Infrastructure Manager | Honda Australia
Certus has provided ILMT Management and Continuous Reporting services since 2016. They have given licensing assistance throughout the years and provided support and documentation to aid ACC through the most recent IBM audit engagement in 2018. After the audit, ACC was deemed compliant by IBM.
Dwayne Carnachan
Service Delivery Manager | ACC
Michelle_Nabong_Certus Audit
Start your IBM audit response

Speak with Michelle Nabong, Licensing Manager

Michelle is focused on putting the customer at the heart of everything. She has been with Certus for nine years and was previously a lead Business Partner Specialist at IBM. Michelle will help you understand your license position and uncover any potential compliance risk.


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