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Mastech Working Group 2022

Join the Mastech Working Group and find out how to transition to and best utilize platforms such as Maximo Manager and the Maximo Application Suite.

Cameron Simpson - People Quote
Cameron Simpson
Lead Consultant

Hi there,

We established this Technical Working Group to collaborate on how to transition to and best utilize, platforms such as Maximo Manage and the Maximo Application Suite.

With the new Maximo Application Suite (MAS8) front of mind for a lot of organizations, MASTECH (what we are calling it) will meet throughout the year and share our collective ideas, experiences, and learnings relating to the MAS platform, upgrades and what it means to take advantage of the Maximo Application Suite.

We would love you to be part of this group (or your appropriate SME) and invite you to register for the 3 sessions to be held this year, (see links at bottom of page - you can register for all sessions, or select dates). 

Ideally, we would like to be able to host this physically (lockdowns permitting) but primarily the meetup will be over Microsoft Teams.


Digital Transformation Experts

From the Certus team we will lead with a panel of people to be on hand including:

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*All times are NZDT