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Maximo Asset Management eBook

Building Asset Intelligence

How to move up the Asset Maturity Curve with IBM Maximo.


Transform asset management to deliver strategic insights and improved returns

Today, the role of the asset manager has evolved. They are now being asked to provide greater strategic value to the business.

By leveraging the right combination of sensors, analytics and algorithms, you can build asset intelligence and transform a cost of doing business, into an investment model that delivers strategic insights and improved returns.

We have created an eBook to help you build asset intelligence and move up the asset maturity curve. In this eBook, you’ll learn: 

  • The 5 levels of asset maturity and which one your organisation is at
  • How to use the Internet of Things for preventative maintenance
  • How to future-proof your asset intelligence strategy


Building Asset Intelligence - how to move up the Asset Maturity Curve with Maximo

Drive greater strategic value for your organisation.

Learn how to build your asset intelligence strategy