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including Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, ANZ, Bank of New Zealand, MLC, Lumley Insurance and Aon. We are right at the cutting edge of assisting large and complex financial.

risk management

customer relationship management

improving operational efficiencies

financial performance management


Intelligent enterprises use business analytics solutions to streamline operations, create corporate knowledge, support decision-makers and optimise performance.

Financial analytics, sales analysis, customer intelligence, workforce analytics and board reporting are just some of the solutions we deliver to our clients. We empower business users by providing reliable information in easy-to-use ways, most suited to their needs. For example:

  • Reports of prescribed content, layout and design
  • Graphs and charts for meaningful visual representations
  • Interactive analysis, for ad-hoc investigation and analysis
  • Exception reporting
  • Linked information assets (sometimes referred to as 'drill down', 'drill through' or 'drill across') where summaries can be expanded into relevant detail, or to examine cause and effect relationships
  • Management reports - essential information for periodic review
  • Spreadsheets, or data files, for reuse in other ways

We work collaboratively with each client to address information needs and priorities.


Visualise and understand your data better. 

Transform data into actionable insights. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Share your work with anyone and make an impact on your business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people everywhere use Cognos Analytics to see and understand their data.

Navigate to the most relevant business information intuitively with dashboards, scorecards and portals. Enhance corporate knowledge and support your decision-making processes.

  • Dashboards make information available in easy-to-interpret and consume formats
  • Dashboards summarise relevant information - both financial and non-financial
  • Scorecards can communicate historical performance, current performance and performance targets for teams or individuals
  • Portals can effectively manage and control secure information access

Dashboards and score cards make information accessible, easier to understand and enable better decision making

Make more informed business decisions. 

Unlock, visualise and strategise


Certus is a proven provider of IBM Cognos solutions for budgeting, planning, forecasting and scenario modeling. Our clients use a variety of TM1, Cognos Express, Cognos EP and Contributor. Many solutions are integrated with other areas of the IBM Cognos suite.

IBM planning technologies have evolved at a rapid pace in recent years. Certus can readily support your migration to new technologies. We maintain expertise in earlier technologies and versions, while adapting quickly to the newer technology offerings IBM launches. 

IBM Cognos TM1 is a fully integrated, highly scalable solution for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. It integrates operational and financial planning, providing company-wide visibility into resource requirements and business plans. With TM1 you can access current data to assess fiscal performance, and proceed from "what-is" to evaluate the "what-if" scenarios critical to forecasting future performance.

Certus' consultants understand the full range of technologies available and can help you plan, then deliver solutions for diverse business requirements.

Certus provides you with planning models as simple as consolidated financial plans, or as complex as globally deployed enterprise-wide budgets. Forecasts driven by operational planning models in multiple companies and currencies are also available. These solutions can be centrally controlled or provide for distributed data entry.

Whether custom built or based on industry blueprints, Certus' planning models, are used by clients across the industry spectrum, from manufacturing and government, to insurance and education, and work in departmental operations such as finance, operations, HR, sales and marketing.


Meet Damian

Damian Parkes is Certus Regional Sales Manager, New South Wales and Queensland. Damian has held a variety of senior roles in sales, general management, channel and alliances across the technology sector.