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including Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, ANZ, Bank of New Zealand, MLC, Lumley Insurance and Aon. We are right at the cutting edge of assisting large and complex financial.

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Certus helps you delve deeper into the areas that will enable your business to run better. From analytics to business intelligence to cognition, our team of data scientists, analysts, and data wranglers help build a coherent view of your business data. They help transform it into insights, for the business of tomorrow.

Predictive analytics help you make smarter decisions by taking what you know, and matching it to the actions and interactions to locate the most important factors. Historically, this could only be done by an analytical modeller or data scientist – looking for insights hidden in information. Watson Analytics take away the hard part of uncovering insights and leaves you wondering, "Is this magic?".

Watson Analytics allows you to search for insights in your own voice, and instantly get answers. Smart data discovery and automated predictive analytics provide immediate insights. Cognitive capabilities enable you to interact with data conversationally. If you need to identify a trend, your team wants to build a data story based on new insights, or you want to mock up a dashboard for management, Watson Analytics has you covered.

Watson Analytics has been trained on common ‘what if’ questions, calculating and returning the most relevant results from your request. It seamlessly blends in your query based on the data you provide. For example, “What is the Q3 sales forecast for Queensland” locates sales data, understands Q3 relates to a time period, and queries the ‘region’ attribute for all references to ‘Queensland’.


Cognitive solutions offer you an AI platform to help you build a smarter business. They help you uncover insights, engage in new ways and make decisions with more confidence. 

Cognitive applications don't give pre-determined responses. Instead, they build responses on the fly based on all available data. Cognitive applications are designed to interact with humans naturally to interpret data, learning from virtually every interaction and propose new possibilities through probabilistic reasoning. 

Imagine a digital fitness manager that provides personalised workout programs based on your previous exercise regime and your current work calendar. Or an intelligent chatbot that can understand natural language, respond to a customer request using what is known about them, and change future responses based on the outcome of that engagement.

Certus has the capabilities to help you build cognitive capabilities into your business, in an incremental, value-driven, way. We commonly start off with a small scale, rapid, proof of concept that allows you to see what is possible, and build a showcase for the business. This usually results in adding cognitive capabilities to existing workflows; either replacing or augmenting the process. Where necessary, Certus can help you build cognitive applications from the ground-up, enabling you to solve industry-specific problems and create indelible positive customer experiences.

Cognitive applications are typically built using a variety of available cognitive services delivered via APIs (e.g. language, speech, and vision APIs), hosted in a secure cloud or hybrid environment and delivered via a compressed platform e.g. a mobile device. This means the technology is more lightweight and deployed quicker than in the past, generating business revenue within weeks.  

Wherever you want to take your business, Certus has the expertise to help you get there. Build a smarter business. Build a cognitive business.

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Meet James

James Hartwright is Certus Solutions Director for AI and Big Data. He has 25 years’ experience designing, delivering, and supporting data-driven insight solutions for major enterprises. He has worked in a range of verticals including publishing, finance, retail, technology and utilities.