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Business challenges YOU MAY have

We're regularly reminded of how important it is in the digital age to manage our information assets. But many organisations are now drowning in a sea of content and information. File servers are overflowing and multiplying. Cloud-based microservices are creating shadow IT solutions. These house vital company data outside prescribed policy. Social and mobile innovations are also constantly driving new ways to access and distribute information. Meeting this challenge removes risk and unlocks the power of your data.

SolutionS we Offer

Information Governance, Data Warehousing & Data Lakes

Anyone who has dealt with an Enterprise Data Warehouse understands the pain of managing and interacting with them. Loading, validating and managing data in an ever-changing business environment is an ongoing, yet specialised and complex task.

Big Data & Data Science

Data Science is a discipline which combines mathematics and statistics with technology to tackle datasets that are large, high-velocity, unstructured, or otherwise challenging for traditional methods.

Master Data Management

Especially important in this market is Certus’s multi-award winning expertise in IBM Business Analytics and Information Management.


Central to the Certus approach to Information Management and Business Intelligence is the delivery and use of trusted information. Information needs to be accurate, complete, meaningful and timely.

Meet Julien

Julien Redmond is General Manager of the Certus Information Management practice. Julien is a thought leader in the areas of big data, predictive analytics, trusted data management and information governance.