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InfoSphere Warehouse is a comprehensive data warehouse solution with all of the capabilities necessary to maximise returns from a business' most important investment, their information.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse provides an effective, flexible and scalable data warehouse for dynamic warehousing. It is an ideal solution for the consolidation of data marts, information silos and business analytics, providing the ability to deliver a single version of the truth to all users:

Simplify enterprise data warehouse development, deployment and maintenance with a comprehensive, integrated solution

Streamline business intelligence processes and enhance flexibility with powerful, analytic solution components.

Boost data warehouse performance and improve productivity with powerful DB2 9 optimization features

With a range of capabilities beyond traditional warehouses, InfoSphere Warehouse provides a comprehensive platform to help data warehouse architects and administrators to efficiently design, deploy and maintain an enterprise data warehouse.

These capabilities include:

  • powerful DB2 data server foundation
  • massively scalable, shared-nothing, distributed architecture
  • high performance for mixed workload query processing
  • relational and native XML data handling
  • data partitioning
  • enhanced row compression,
  • multidimensional clustering
  • materialized query tables (MQTs)
  • enhanced backup facilities
  • simplified and automated tuning capabilities
  • faster data redistribution
  • automated upgrades
  • Enhanced online analytical processing (OLAP) design and optimization.
  • Data mining and visualization.
  • Modelling and design tools
  • Embedded data movement and transformation.
  • Unstructured Data Analysis
  • Alphablox BloxBuilder
  • Extreme Workload Management

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