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Certus is an accredited reseller and offers expert consulting services for IBM InfoSphere Discovery to help organisations accelerate deployment of information-centric projects such as data archiving, application retirement, data warehousing, data integration, or Master Data Management (MDM). By better understanding data and its relationships across the enterprise, organisations can address the inherent risks in such projects.

Using highly-innovative technologies, InfoSphere Discovery identifies and documents the data you have, where it is located, and how it is related across systems by intelligently capturing relationships, applied transformations and business rules. This process includes a full range of analysis capabilities, including:

  • Discovering hidden data relationships to define "business objects" (logical groupings of data);
  • Automating the detection of sensitive data;
  • Prototyping data consolidation rules for new projects;
  • Accommodates the widest range of enterprise data sources including relational databases and any structured data source that can be represented in a text file format such as hierarchical database;
  • Using heuristics and sophisticated algorithms that automate an otherwise time consuming manual process.

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