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Why you should consider
Virtual Data Pipeline

Are you in data management and frustrated by how hard it is to get accurate, real-time test data? Once you've got your production data, you've then got to keep it up to date and synchronised with changes to your source systems. Added to that, you have to licence most software for your development, test and UAT environments?

Sound familiar? This webinar is for you.

What you can learn

In this session, we get to grips with the frequently asked questions from those dealing with test environments, data modelling and data warehousing environments, and how to solve typical roadblocks to testing faster, better and more cost-effectively. This is for you if you have questions on...


1. Acceptance Testing

How can you more effectively test with real data sets to speed up the UAT process?


2. Performance Testing

How can you test with large, realistic data sets in as close to real-life and real-time as possible?


3. Ensuring Compliance

How do you make sure your data sets are masked in a way that is compliant with standards such as GDPR?


4. Decreasing Costs

How can you make your test environments more cost-effective and save time with automation?

Are you evaluating ways to improve your testing and development environments?

Then tune into this conversation between data experts James Hartwright and Vincent McBurney who get to grips with the issues faced in test environments and how you can test faster, better and more cost-effectively.

Two perspectives on solving
the test data riddle


James Hartwright


James has had more than 25 years’ experience in B2C and B2B solutions around the world. He has delivered and supported data-driven solutions worldwide, something he’s also proven in roles at News Corp, Acxiom, and GE Money.


Vincent McBurney


Vincent has over 20 years experience working in information integration and governance. He is a leader in helping businesses to solve their data-related problems and unlocking the potential of the data they generate.

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