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including Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, ANZ, Bank of New Zealand, MLC, Lumley Insurance and Aon. We are right at the cutting edge of assisting large and complex financial.

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Predictive analytics helps your organisation discover patterns in data that go beyond simply knowing what happened. They help you anticipate what is likely to happen next. These tools bring together advanced analytic capabilities that span ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modelling, data mining, text and entity analytics, optimisation, real-time scoring and machine learning.

Predictive models can be used to answer questions like:

  • Which of these prospects are likely to become high-value customers?
  • What are the best products to offer to this customer?
  • Which of my customers are at risk of leaving?
  • What’s the likelihood of this part failing in the near future?
  • Which of these transactions are most likely to be fraudulent?

Predictive models vary depending on the type of event being predicted, but typically output a score representing the likelihood of a given event. This score can then be used to prioritise actions. Predictive analytics is data-driven, and can discover rules or relationships in the data that were previously hidden.

The Certus team of highly experienced analytics professionals are skilled in a range of tools, platforms and techniques ready to help you answer your most challenging business questions.

VIEW Technologies

IBM Cognos Analytics
IBM Watson Analytics
IBM SPSS Modeler
IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM Collaboration & Deployment Manager


Meet James

James Hartwright is Certus Solutions Director for AI and Big Data. He has 25 years’ experience designing, delivering, and supporting data-driven insight solutions for major enterprises. He has worked in a range of verticals including publishing, finance, retail, technology and utilities.