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Bringing together leaders from asset intensive industries to discuss current trends and innovations.

Michael Cahir Presenter
Michael Cahir
General Manager

Hi there, Join me for the #DigitalDialogues Virtual Meet up series

I would like to invite you to join us in the #digitaldialogues series which we developed especially for the asset intensive industry. We've designed a series of meet up's for those of you who want to get across industry issues and trends – as well as how Asset Intensive is adapting to a new normal that is evolving with COVID-19.

Each virtual meet-up session will feature a presentation by topic experts, insights from industry representatives, an interactive Q&A, panel discussion. These sessions will be interactive and aim to address the things most relevant to you in the current fast-changing environment. Scroll down to register for upcoming episodes and view past ones on-demand. 

I look forward to having you along.

Michael Sig


Episode 7

Get Better Insights from your Maximo Data


These days, data is everywhere. The challenge no longer lies in the amount of data but in turning it into actionable insights and sharing those across the organisation. Join us to hear from the performance management experts at Cortell on how they help uncover better insights from asset data in Maximo – and how you can do the same.

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Episode 6

How Platform-Thinking is Transforming Asset Intensive Operations


Join us to explore perspectives on deploying platforms into operational environments to achieve better digital business outcomes. This episode will unpack the learnings that Certus Digital has gathered from implementing intelligent digital systems for asset intensive operations for some of the largest enterprises across Australia and New Zealand.

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Episode 5

Asset Health and the Journey to Condition-Based Maintenance


Condition-based maintenance is about leveraging any and all information on assets to get an early indicator that preventative maintenance – or even early asset replacement – might be needed. In this episode, we are going to take a closer look at condition-based maintenance and outline how it can be embedded in an organisation’s maintenance processes.

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Episode 4

Adapting workspaces to new uses, quick smart


Join us as we explore how different industries are tackling workspace change-management challenges in a disrupted world. For this episode, Maarten Van Der Zeyden is joined by panellists Mark Williams TRIXi and Paul North from AssetFuture to discuss how work environments need to be reconfigured in response to a pandemic, and how scenario modelling and capital planning can help rapidly transform workspaces to accommodate the new normal of social distance.

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Episode 3

Developing a Single View of Assets – Part 1: Asset 360


Find out what it means to have a single view of assets and what the benefits are in the third episode of our series of virtual meetups. Asset intensive industry leaders join Rene Grozdanovski and James Hartwright as they explore the concept, outline how to mature asset intelligence towards Asset 360⁰ and discuss the role Asset 360⁰ can play in businesses’ response to COVID-19.

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Episode 2

Moving up the Asset Maturity Curve


Find out why you should aim to move up the Asset Maturity Curve, what that means and what opportunities the current COVID19 disruption presents. Dave Roberts from KiwiRail shares how they moved up the curve and what they learnt along the way. They are joined by topic experts who will give examples of how leveraging the Certus platform, IP and experience helps to reduce the time to value – no matter the starting point.

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Episode 1

Improving workforce performance with intelligent interfaces


Learn from topic experts and leaders in asset intensive organisations how improved user experiences for your field workers can help lift quality and productivity while reducing risks. Continuing on from past conversations, we will dig deeper into how asset intensive industries can apply mobile devices, smart tech and user-friendly processes to ensure every worker can do their job safely and efficiently.

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