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Unlock the power of
Data Vault

IRiS is here to radically reduce the time it takes to bring your information into focus from practically any data source or combination of data sets.

Introducing IRiS

IRiS is a cloud Information Management Platform designed to help you realise the power of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. Access Enterprise Data Warehousing developed for cloud deployment, in a consumable, agile & empowering way.

  • Optimise-1
    Optimise compliance and data governance
  • Cost down
    Significantly reduce the cost associated with information management
  • Secure
    Ensure your data warehouse is secure and reliable
  • Rapid
    Rapid adoption of change
  • Scale
    Start small and scale over time
  • Automate
    Metadata driven-code automation and orchestration
Platform R1

Data Vault – a different approach

The Data Vault 2.0 methodology (DV2) is different from traditional approaches, in that it offers the ability to support managed self-service business intelligence with both governance and agility. Achieved by de-coupling your business rules from the underlying datasets. This means that, as your business changes, or you want to test, model or query, you can easily adjust the rules and quickly generate the results you need.

This is a stark contrast from traditional processes that bake the business rules into the data as it’s loaded and therefore, lose the context of the original data.

Platform L2

Radically speed up your time to insight

IRiS is designed to help you deploy Enterprise Grade Data Warehouses in a fast, agile and scalable way. This radically changes the time to insight and business confidence paradigms. Access a complete set of Data Vault playbooks that will enable you to deploy a DV2 solution to standard. You also get technical support from the IRiS team, enabling you to focus on discerning meaningful insights for your business.

Empower your business through better information management

IRiS is here to radically reduce the time it takes to bring your information into focus – from practically any data source or combination of datasets – and maintain that focus over time.

  • Understand faster
    Understand faster
    Time to insight is the new currency of the digital age. With IRiS, you can access a vast array of different information with ease. Powered by Azure and Data Vault 2.0, what often took months or years, can now be achieved in a matter of days, saving you time, cost, and operational risk.
  • Better sense
    Make better sense
    Make sense of a wide variety of data, both structured and unstructured, with confidence that what you’re seeing is the true picture. And as things change, know that you can adapt quickly and with precision. All this enables you to make smarter decisions faster, and become more agile.
  • Achieve more
    Leverage your Data
    Adopting the IRiS platform enables you to achieve more with your data, and focus on what truly matters. Time to insight, is a critical lever for building a more agile and innovative Digital Business. Give your business leverage over your most important asset - Information - to achieve competitive advantage.

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Introduction to IRiS

Watch the full explainer video to understand how IRiS works and what the benefits are.


Tech talk

Watch Julien Redmond and James Hartwright’s presentation at the 2019 CDAO Conference.

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IRiS overview

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Improve your time to insight

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