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APM Asset Performance Management

How predictive maintenance and asset performance management helps Australasian companies improve operational reliability. Say goodbye to downtime and get a complete view of asset health and maintenance.


What Is APM?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) refers to the combination of software, systems and services that an organisation uses to control and optimise its physical, technological and human resources across business units and geographical locations.

Asset Performance Management (APM) enhances your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) foundation through powerful analytics and AI. APM provides insights at the point of action to minimise unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, lower costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure. Through the integration of disparate data sources, including EAM systems of record and IoT data, APM provides a comprehensive view of your operational assets.

Leading companies across Australasia, including Mercury Energy, KiwiRail, Pacific Steel and Sydney Airport, are achieving better asset performance thanks to the Maximo APM solutions developed by IBM and implemented by Certus Solutions.


My top APM Resources

Hi everyone, Roy Lorenzen here, Solutions Manager at Certus. I have put together some resources for you to help you learn more about APM and how to optimise asset management in your organisation. This list includes customer stories, videos, guides, an assessment to find out where you are on the journey and more. Check it out.

I hope you find these resources valuable. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the resources or APM in general.


Welcome to the Age of Assets

Look just beneath the comfort and beyond the conveniences of our modern world, and you'll see it; the steadfast efforts of machines. Every hour of every day, they are tirelessly supporting us, protecting us and helping us live better, more productive lives.

So much more than the sum of their parts, these amazing machines are assets for humanity. As our world grows and changes, so do our expectations. Our future is driven by data and the global industries sustaining our way of life depend on the optimised performance of software, systems and steel.

Realising this future means increasing productivity to keep complex assets delivering at the pace of now. This is no small feat. Increasing productivity means monitoring and optimising assets in real-time so you can make decisions faster and smarter than ever before.

A Future Solution

Today, you can do more than just stay ahead of maintenance and replacement. You can predict to avoid downtime and ensure your assets consistently deliver on the bottom line. You have always relied on experience and elbow grease to keep the lights on and the engines running. But with the right approach to asset performance management, you can now use IoT and AI to optimise performance in a way that lowers costs, reduces risk and improves resiliency. This means analysing multiple data sources to develop actionable insights across the business for improved maintenance and repair processes.

The right asset performance management solution helps you reduce outages by up to 50%, reduce maintenance cost by up to 40% and extend the life of your assets by years. The energy that fuels us, the transportation that moves us, the power that lights our way, the things we need at the pace we want and the quality we expect, that is what optimising asset performance means.  Asset performance management helps you optimise your assets in a world that demands the future from you – today.

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