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Digital Asset Operations

Digital Asset Operations

Asset Performance Management

Enabling Intelligent ASSET MAnagement

Leverage a digital business service designed from the ground-up to support operational environments both for today, and as you need to innovate. Made up of six layers, the platform delivers digital business outcomes that you can consume as, and when required.

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Tackling Digital Transformation in an operational and plant environment, where existing infrastructure is not readily changed, requires a staged and industry-specific approach that conforms to your business requirements.

Using a Continuous Improvement approach to focus effort where it is most required, our aim is to enable you to move up the Asset Operations Maturity curve.

Together with the partner ecosystem we enable you to make the step change relative to your Asset Operations ambitions.

Move up the Asset Maturity Curve

Using capabilities like AI-powered remote monitoring, computer vision and prescriptive maintenance, APM helps you minimise unplanned repair work, manage risk, reduce equipment failure and extend asset life without unnecessary costs.

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Empower your people

Give maintenance teams the ability to track asset conditions and anomalies more efficiently, using remote monitoring. AI and IoT helps them see, predict and prevent issues across legacy systems and data-driven operations.

Remotely monitor critical assets and operations with AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale. Aggregate operating state and IT data with process parameters across repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance and receive fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights.


Asset Operations

As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role, along with moving up the Asset Management Maturity Curve. The Touchstone Digital Business Service enables you to leverage existing EAM systems investments, to set the foundation for Intelligent Interaction, and Asset Performance Management.


Digital Business

Digital Transformation professionals have a key stake in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and revenue for the enterprise. Understanding how the digitisation of plant and equipment creates new business opportunities is part of what the roadmap covers.


People & Culture

Achieving operational excellence is more than simply applying technology and systems. It is the sum of processes, culture and technologies that effect change for the better. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help to shift the digital dial. From helping people to stay safe, through to empowering them with information, insights and digital tools.


IT & Systems

The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems. EAM systems such as IBM Maximo are pivotal to the smooth running of plat and equipment. Implementing advanced analytics models, Machine Learning and AI requires both industry and systems expertise. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help to make the change into Digital Asset Management.



As a Data and Analytics Professional you are a key stakeholders in the transformation of analogue Asset Management systems to intelligent Digital Assets. Having the broadest view of your enterprise's information management systems they will play a key role in the development and execution of any Asset Performance Management initiative. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help make the shift.

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Understand Asset Health

Transform your approach by driving actions based on the current health of your assets. Monitor factors such as condition, cost, performance and remaining useful life. Define scoring methods, prioritise areas of focus and initiate maintenance activities.

Identify under-performing assets, uncover failure patterns and craft the most effective maintenance plans based on predicted risks across your entire portfolio. Understanding Asset Health enables you to stop failures before they happen and keep service uninterrupted by minimising unplanned repair work, increasing asset availability and reducing the risk of equipment failure. Together, these capabilities help you make smarter decisions based on analytics-based insights.

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Plan your Asset Strategy

Optimise asset maintenance and replacement strategies based on asset risk and criticality. Determine how to better manage inspections and maintenance, optimise repair and operations inventories, and prioritise replacement versus repair decisions.

With appropriate planning, your enterprise can put into place a differentiated maintenance strategy that helps you achieve your objectives for uptime, safety, cost and sustainability. You can establish a maintenance program to generate the best possible outcomes using the least amount of resources. Enabling you to make informed decisions about the lifespan of individual units and the need to refurbish or replace. 

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More than Predictive Maintenance

Being able to aggregate IoT sensor and operating environment data about your assets and integrate with sophisticated analytics provides powerful insights into potential failures. Here, data science and algorithms use this data to help you push beyond situational awareness and into prediction.

This means predicting failures and understanding when they might occur – weeks, days or even months ahead of the event. You will be able to intercede early to prevent unscheduled downtime and reduce the high cost and organisational disruption of emergency repairs that can result from overtime work by technicians, the last-minute acquisition of replacement parts, and deferrals of other maintenance activities.

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The journey to maturing Asset Operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

For more on the Industry Transformer Ecosystem and the specialist solutions and capabilities it has to offer please get in touch.

We are here to support your particular Asset Operations maturation journey.

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