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Asset Management
Maturity Roadmap

Asset Management
Maturity Roadmap

Digital Business Service


Across the function of Enterprise Asset Operations, typically there is a patchwork of asset management maturity levels, across different divisions, departments and business units.
This service enables you to identify key pain points and plot a course to systematically adopt a continuous improvement mode of operation for people and processes, so that you can apply technology more effectively and move up the Asset Management Maturity Curve.

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Tackling Digital Transformation in an operational and plant environment, where existing infrastructure is not readily changed, requires a staged and industry-specific approach that conforms to your business requirements.

Using a continuous improvement approach to focus effort where it is most required, our aim is to enable you to move up the Asset Operations Maturity curve. Together with the partner ecosystem we help you to make the step-changes to achieve operational excellence.


This Touchstone Digital Business Service leverages a platform-thinking business model underpinned by a continuous improvement approach to make measured step-change. The Maturity Roadmap generates a blueprint for making step-change.

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Enabling Operational Innovation

Designed to draw out the current state issues related to information, user engagement and processes, along with you digital asset management ambitions.  

You can expect the following outcomes:

  • Insight into the data, platform and process issues. 
  • Identification of  the stumbling blocks in the key business areas including planning, logistics, zero based budgeting, optimised system structure and user experience. 
  • Present a future state reference architecture based on current capabilities and business strategy. 
  • Present a planned programme of initiatives aimed at increasing EAM maturity.

ASSET Operations

As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role, along with moving up the Asset Management Maturity Curve.

The roadmap service provides you and your team with a blueprint to mature Asset Operations and develop systems of intelligence.



The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems.

EAM systems such as IBM Maximo are pivotal to the smooth running of plant and equipment. The roadmap service enables you to plot a clear pathway to upgrade and improve systems.



Digital Transformation professionals have a key stake in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and revenue for the enterprise.

Understanding how the digitisation of plant and equipment creates new business opportunities is part of what the roadmap covers.

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Current State Maturity 

Through a process of interviews and workshops you are provided with a quantified understanding of current process issues, review asset data coverage and quality, assess asset management process maturity via data. 

Specifically looking at:

  • Current highlighted people, methods, technology gaps.
  • Any identified people and methods gaps based on data held.
  • Current data quality and identified exceptions and trends.
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Identify target structure and processes through strategies and scenarios. 

Through investigation, interviews and workshops, focus on building optimised processes for managing and provisioning asset-orientated outcomes that drive improved business outcomes using improved data, system functions and user experiences. Developing a clear understanding of:

  • Key ‘future state’ capability requirements.
  • Capability and technology gaps to achieve future state.
  • Data and insight visibility required.
  • Alignment of transformational activity to achieve future state capability with key business issues.
  • Identify ‘no regrets’ work packages that can be released for execution.
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Aligning to a Roadmap

Collates and showcases the gaps in maturity – across people, process and technology to define a base framework plan for executing business improvements in line with business priorities and available resources.

Delivering your business a pragmatic blueprint for Operational Innovation with:

  • Future state architecture and value to the organisation from systems of record to OT and IT insights and analytics.
  • Alignment of activities to achieve future state capability whilst remediating existing business issues.
  • Gaps in people, methods, technology to reach the future state.
  • High-level roadmap to achieve future state.


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The journey to maturing Asset Operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what Certus Digital can do for you.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and introducing you to the right partners for success on your Digital Transformation journey.

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