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Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Realising Digital Ambitions

Become a Digital Enterprise

The exponential effect of technological advancement in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, quantum computing, blockchain and the move to the cloud, coupled with advances in human and scientific understanding, are serving up entirely new ways to meet the varied challenges of sustainability, disruption and commercial competition.

Intelligent digital Operations

Achieving transformation starts by connecting your core requirements with the outcome you are looking for. Achieving that outcome then requires the application of an iterative process that’s attuned to your ambition. Recognising this, having a pragmatic framework that enables, and most importantly, helps align stakeholders is key to achieving a fit-for-purpose outcome.


An Ecosystem of digital transformation experts

Give maintenance teams the ability to track asset conditions and anomalies more efficiently, using remote monitoring. AI and IoT helps them see, predict and prevent issues across legacy systems and data-driven operations.

Remotely monitor critical assets and operations with AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale. Aggregate operating state and IT data with process parameters across repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance and receive fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights.


Asset Operations

As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role, along with moving up the Asset Management Maturity Curve. The Touchstone Digital Business Service enables you to leverage existing EAM systems investments, to set the foundation for Intelligent Interaction, and Asset Performance Management.


Digital Business

Digital Transformation professionals have a key stake in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and revenue for the enterprise. Understanding how the digitisation of plant and equipment creates new business opportunities is part of what the roadmap covers.


People & Culture

Achieving operational excellence is more than simply applying technology and systems. It is the sum of processes, culture and technologies that effect change for the better. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help to shift the digital dial. From helping people to stay safe, through to empowering them with information, insights and digital tools.


IT & Systems

The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems. EAM systems such as IBM Maximo are pivotal to the smooth running of plat and equipment. Implementing advanced analytics models, Machine Learning and AI requires both industry and systems expertise. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help to make the change into Digital Asset Management.



As a Data and Analytics Professional you are a key stakeholders in the transformation of analogue Asset Management systems to intelligent Digital Assets. Having the broadest view of your enterprise's information management systems they will play a key role in the development and execution of any Asset Performance Management initiative. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help make the shift.

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Leverage Existing Systems

Squeezing the most of what you already have very often makes better business sense than a "fork-lift upgrade".

Modernisation allows you to take what you already have as a sunk investment and leverage it. Applying a platform-thinking approach combined with a partner ecosystem of inter-disciplinary abilities means the business process improvement that you are seeking becomes the driver rather than technology as the driver.

This approach creates business outcomes that are aligned with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, as well as simple commercial goals.

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Mature Business Processes

Incremental gains from the optimisation of processes, systems and ways of working, can often-time serve up competitive advantage.

Address more complex, cross-functional and interdisciplinary requirements to evolve your operational environment into an intelligent system, through the use of industry templates, capabilities and experience.

This shortens the time to deliver, generates better returns and creates better well-being by leveraging the power of platform thinking and an ecosystem approach to deliver increased business maturity.

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Invest in New Horizons

Over the long term sustainable innovation is key to transformation. The challenge is that it is a journey of many experiments - most of which fail. Using a platform business model, interdisciplinary partner ecosystem, underpinned by a Continuous Improvement approach enables your enterprise to experiment with lower risk, and focus on what will have the greatest impact.

With an ecosystem of digital business consulting services, key expertise and fundamental methods - your enterprise can tap into digital transformation designed specifically to service Enterprise Operations.  

This holistic approach enables your enterprise to embrace the right set of methods based on the organisation's appetite for innovation. The most cited reason for failure in digital transformation is failure to get stakeholder alignment and cultural inertia. Addressing these challenges at the beginning is key to embracing new business models and strategic DX initiatives.

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Michael Cahir
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The journey to maturing enterprise operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

For more on the Industry Transformer Ecosystem and the specialist solutions and capabilities it has to offer please get in touch.

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