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Workforce Empowerment

Workforce Empowerment

Better productivity & Well being

Business App's & Management Systems

For a safe & productive Workforce

Empower your people to do their best work day to day and deliver when the unexpected happens. The Touchstone Digital Business Service enables you to put Intelligent Interfaces into the hands of your people, so they can respond in the field, in the control room and when both planned, as well as unplanned outages happen.

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Intelligent Interaction enables your people to perform in the field safely, securely and efficiently. The Touchstone Digital Business Service delivers best-in-class Business Applications and Systems leveraging a strong foundational platform built on decades of experience, deep knowledge of industry processes, culture and digital technologies.

From field service app's, to dashboards and modelling tools, through to scheduling and planning systems, intelligent interaction covers a spectrum of workforce empower tools that also includes knowledge transfer, augmented reality and health & safety applications.


Digital business Workforce

Focus your people on the highest priorities and increase their productivity, so they can achieve more in less time. Richer information on your assets provides a clearer view of important tasks and best delivery timetables.

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Business App's in the hands of your people

Put Business App's into the hands of your people & contract field-force - supporting them in the field with work order dispatch, context-aware knowledge-base access, condition reporting tools, and hazard awareness and Health & Safety support and compliance reporting.

Field service management typically involves dispatching workers or contractors to a location outside company premises to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems or assets. Field service managers keep track of an organisation’s field resources and coordinate the work of your most valuable resource - your people & contract field-force. 

With the Touchstone Digital Business Mobility Service you can enable your people to perform planned maintenance, as well as respond to unplanned outages. Replacing paperwork with context-aware applications that enable Digital Asset Management.



As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role, along with moving up the Asset Management Maturity Curve. The Touchstone Digital Business Service enables you to leverage existing EAM systems investments, to set the foundation for Intelligent Interaction, and Asset Performance Management.


IT & Systems

The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems. EAM systems such as IBM Maximo are pivotal to the smooth running of plat and equipment. The roadmap service enables you to plot a clear pathway to upgrade and improve systems.


Digital Business

Digital Transformation professionals play a key role in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and drive better efficiency in EAM. With decades of experience supporting and enabling enterprise operations, modernisation and transformation projects, you can be rest-assured that you are accessing the best in digital consulting methods,  frameworks and expertise.


People & Culture

Achieving operational excellence is more than simply applying technology and systems. It is the sum of processes, culture and technologies that effect change for the better. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capabilities, frameworks and expert help to shift the digital dial. From helping people to stay safe, through to empowering them with information, insights and digital tools.

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Improve Field Operations Efficiency

Manage the effectiveness of field-forces with dispatch, planning and scheduling management systems. Schedule and assign work based on business objectives using an intuitive graphical user interface to quickly grasp task or project status, any resource requirements and potential trade-offs. 

Using a data driven approach with up-to-date, real-time status on work orders, resources & their calendars, shifts, availability, asset & location requirements through pre-built integration to your EAM system. Optimise resource use and apply the best capabilities available to meet your planned maintenance and asset optimisation requirements. And drive better insights and automation of decision making into your processes.

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Workforce Knowledge Management

Enable your people and contract workforce to access accurate answers and critical information. Access to highly relevant answers at the right time, for the right person, allows workforces to spend less time looking for information and more time on activities that produce results.

Enterprises rely on the institutional knowledge of experienced engineers, which ideally gets passed on to the next generation. Along with this access to the right information for planning and when on-site is crucial to workforce efficiency and resource optimisation. Implementing contextually aware knowledge management systems is part of the Touchstone Digital Business Service.

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Keeping your people safe & productive

Reduce your operational risk, to increase your return on assets, and to maintain a safe operating environment. Find new ways to reduce accidents on the job, and improve health and safety to meet your enterprise Environmental, Social & Governance goals. 

This Touchstone Digital Business Service enables innovative new ways of making sure the well-being of your people and contract-workforce is front of mind across all your business processes and cultivates a culture of safety in your organisation.

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The journey to maturing Asset Operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

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