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As business strategies are updated and people, processes and technologies change, your data assets—much like your organisation’s physical assets—can degrade over time. The Certus Data Maturity Assessment provides a baseline understanding of your data management and offers advice on how to extract best value from your data so the information you rely on for essential decision-making processes remains accurate and aligned to business objectives.​

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Insights to improve transactional and strategic goals​

Without a firm understanding of the stewardship of data at both the transactional and strategic levels, it is difficult for asset-intensive organisations to effectively manage asset lifecycles or accurately perform key financial processes such as budgeting and forecasting.​

And without trust in your data, mitigating the risk of asset failure is impossible while balancing the need to execute cost-effective maintenance processes.​

To understand what is best practice, it is essential for asset-intensive companies to periodically review, activate and evolve their approach to data management.

Assessing your data process capabilities​

The unique outputs of the Certus Data Maturity Assessment allow your organisation to benchmark performance and provide insights into how to improve training, change culture, optimise business processes and implement technologies to move along the data maturity path.

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Service Overview

The Certus Data Maturity Assessment consists of an in-depth survey that answers critical questions about data maturity levels across key data assessment areas. These cover a detailed list of data systems and processes such as data literacy, governance, infrastructure, people resources, and training.

We then prepare a report outlining your maturity rating across various data dimensions and highlighting areas of concern that need further analysis. We work with you to agree upon a target maturity level and provide a roadmap of key initiatives to achieve it with budget allocation to help with planning and engagement.

Tailored to your needs, each evaluation takes 20 to 30 days of work and is carried out over two to four months. We adopt a scope, approach and timeframe that suits your business.



Our approach begins by understanding where you sit on the data maturity roadmap and where you wish to end up. While the elements that make up data are consistent across different industries, asset-intensive organisations have unique use cases.

We discover which business entities, concepts and processes are a priority for your data management activities to support. We ensure that the data fundamentals are in place and tuned to the core services asset-intensive companies need to perform, such as work order execution, inventory management, procurement, project management and financial forecasting.

Assessing data maturity requires linking people, capabilities and delivery across information ecosystems. The evaluation looks at how data is captured and managed, if it is used appropriately, whether it’s secure, trusted and available when needed, and whether staff are trained to manage data correctly.

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Data quality and management remain significant issues for service, utility and infrastructure-oriented organisations. This can critically impact maintenance strategies and have substantial financial and/or reputational consequences.​

With data subsets feeding into analytical applications and other key systems, trusting information in IBM Maximo is essential. Without benchmarking your current data management processes, you may not be aware of critical data quality, people and process issues or be unaware that crucial data is missing. Incomplete, inconsistent and poorly integrated data sources negatively affect data management and are common problems for asset-intensive organisations.

Our data maturity assessment provides insights into these challenges. It presents change management strategies that allow you to improve capabilities and close skill gaps, encouraging users to adopt data management as a critical asset mentality.​

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Value Add

Despite data quality being integral to almost all significant investment decisions, many infrastructure-oriented organisations still view data management as an overhead. A key benefit of our assessment process is that it surfaces data governance and stewardship processes already happening by default but are yet to be formalised. It highlights changes needed to properly authorise and control data activities so data management becomes an integral and valued part of business practice.​

As asset-intensive organisations transform their business by digitising front-end business and customer-facing processes, the need to prioritise back-end data management becomes even more critical. Without data protocols that deal with data consistently, organisations risk not gaining the total value of their digitisation initiatives. 

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Developing operational excellence is just one part of what Certus Digital can do for you.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and introducing you to the right partners for success on your Digital Transformation journey.

For more about Certus Digital and the specialist solutions and capabilities it has to offer, please get in touch.

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