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Implement Intelligent Interactions in your business

Implement Intelligent Interactions in your business

Intelligent Interactions Workshop LP-1-1
The problem

Long Term Sustainability

To thrive in the future, asset-intensive organisations need to find new ways of working. Ways to get more value out of each staff member, keeping them engaged in their jobs.

And asset-intensive organisations also need better information to drive smarter decision-making. A single (or close to) source of the truth about every asset, rather than a series of disconnected documents and spreadsheets.

These are the kinds of outcomes intelligent interactions deliver: dynamic, feedback loop driven tools that help you get more out of your assets, people and business through new, better ways of working.

Intelligent Interactions Workshop LP-2-1
The Solution

Intelligent Interactions

By implementing technology that  makes it easier to consume and create information, you can get more out of your assets and people. Things like: 

  • Taking a picture of a cracked asset, and instantly finding out whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced, (rather than calling a colleague or driving back to head office)
  • Smart voice bots giving dynamic instructions – freeing up field service technicians’ hands.
  • Consolidating multiple spreadsheets and documents into dynamic forms and chatbots. All in one place – a single source of truth. 

Intelligent Interactions are all about making it easier for people in your business to create and consume information.

And by making this easier, you can stay ahead of the game.  

Intelligent Interactions Workshop LP-3-2

Ideation workshop

Here’s the problem: Intelligent Interactions aren’t plug-and-play. They’re multifaceted. They require stakeholder buy-in from many different parts of the business. They need the right culture. They need the right mindset. That’s where we come in.

We’ll put the right people in a room and have an ideation workshop. We’ll talk through Intelligent Interaction ideas with you, challenge your thinking and help you move things towards a fully-realised business model.

This isn’t just talking. These workshops are about creating concrete plans. They’re about identifying your big problems and opportunities, then finding ways to resolve these.  

How it works

Opp Innovation Workshop Copy 3

The Operations Innovation workshop is divided into three phases: 

  • An early engagement process, with a series of 1:1 meetings and desk research 
  • A half-day workshop where we build consensus around what the future looks like 
  • A half-day workshop where we create a future state business model  

At the end of the process, you have a business model fleshed out, agreed upon and ready for more detailed development.  

Opp Innovation Workshop Phase 1
Phase 1

Pre-workshop: setting the scope 

We work out who will be there and what you’ll discuss. 

This delivers a high-level assessment of your current capabilities – along with an aligned view of which service will deliver the most impact. Finally, we agree a workshop format.  

Opp Innovation Workshop Phase 2
Phase 2

Imagine and validate 

The first half-day workshop is all about thinking about the future – and thinking big. 

We help your team work through guided exercises to paint a picture of your company’s context, present and future.  

Then we help you build empathy with your stakeholders and visualise your customer journey. We finish off with an agreed-upon vision of what the future could look like.  

Opp Innovation Workshop Phase 3
Phase 3

Half-day session: making decisions and setting direction 

This is where we help you turn the big-picture ideas from the first session into a concrete business proposition. We look at your capabilities and how to apply them, analyse your value chain, then start making tough tradeoffs in an importance/difficulty matrix.  

At the end, we turn all the decisions we made into a business model - ready for more detailed analysis and progression.  

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Get more out
of your Assets
and People

Intelligent Interactions Workshop LP-ROY
Get in touch for more information 


Roy has a passion for emerging technology and helping people to realise the potential of utilising technology in order to gain the upper hand in this fast paced world. 

He has over 20 years of experience in IT and is responsible for developing and delivering solutions that augment traditional enterprise asset management platforms, with emerging technologies around Mobility, IoT, Predictive Analytics, Data Quality and Information Governance, with a focus on delivering those solutions via the cloud.