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Digital Transformation for Operations

Digital Transformation for Operations

Gain Competitive Advantage using

A Platform Business Model

Designed specifically for the delivery of Digital Businesses Services for Enterprises. Touchstone delivers a platform business model that enables both IT and Operations to provide each Line of Business a foundation for Modernisation, Optimisation and Innovation. This approach provides your enterprise with a platform to enable Continuous Improvement without a forklift upgrade to systems, processes and ways of working.


De-risk the transformation of your Enterprise with the Touchstone Digital Business Service. Each service line is underpinned by an approach that enables you to take advantage of existing investments in systems, processes and ways of working, so that your digital initiatives deliver fit-for-purpose business outcomes.

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    Business Model
    The Touchstone Digital Business Service is based on a platform business model. This approach to the delivery of digital services extends beyond the provision of IT systems & applications, into enabling Lines of Business with a comprehensive service to enable digital business outcomes.
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    Continuous Improvement
    Using a platform-thinking approach enables your enterprise to embrace Continuous Improvement as a way of working. Empowering your Line of Business leaders to make step-wise improvements as and when it makes sense for their business, with less risk and greater long term gain.
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    Business Outcomes
    The Touchstone approach focuses on delivering the best business outcome based on your particular area of need. Enabling your enterprise to prioritise digital change based on circumstances, maturity levels and cultural alignment - across your Enterprise Operations.
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    Digital Foundry
    Take your applications & systems to the next level with the Digital Foundry. A comprehensive inter-disciplinary service for systems modernisation, process optimisation, and business innovation - that starts with the business problem rather than the technology to be used.
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    Digital Transformation
    Reduce the risk associated with realising your digital ambitions with the Touchstone Digital Business Service. Designed to holistically enable your Digital Transformation aspirations - small or large - with the right mix of business consulting and technical expertise.

Access to an ecosystem of expertise

With decades of experience in the design, delivery and optimisation of Enterprise Systems and Intelligent Interaction.

Together with a partner ecosystem we deliver Digital Business Services to Public Sector, Healthcare, Transport, Communications, Utilities, Banking, and Insurance. You can benefit from a deep understanding of how to collaboratively move up the Digital Business Maturity Curve.

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