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Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Advanced Analytics & Applied AI

UNlock the value in your data

Data is the crude oil of Digital Business. Refining this oil into information is the fuel to empower your people to excel, respond and improve operational processes. This foundation enables the deployment automation technologies to drive further performance gains and drive operational innovation.

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The foundation for Asset Performance Management & More

Transforming EAM into Digital Asset Management starts with your data. Key is developing better, more reliable insights from your data by improving data quality and governance.

With new levels of access to accurate information you are able to build systems of intelligence that enable operational innovation, intelligent interaction and Asset Performance Management.

Digital Asset Management enables you to use A.I. to automate processes, measure performance, analyse outcomes and predict future events. Most importantly it allows you to spot inefficiencies and achieve better returns on asset performance.

Deliver True Intelligence

The Touchstone Digital Business Service delivers you the operational business platform to develop Digital Asset Management driven by true systems intelligence.

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Data Readiness for EAM

The Asset Intelligence Roadmap Service takes a whole of business view to establish where and how your enterprise gathers data to enable true asset performance – and develop a ”steer-by-wire” digital platform operation.

By establishing the interdependencies between platforms and how they interoperate with existing data and analytics platforms and how these need to evolve to enable Operational Excellence, Intelligent Interaction and Asset Performance - the Roadmap service plots a pathway to achieving Asset Performance Management.

This service takes into account the context of your asset operations systems, from current management and governance practices, to the state of data quality, so that you can develop a solid foundation from which the business is able to unlock new forms of value and extract better long-term asset performance.


Asset Operations

As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role. From a systems and information management perspective the data that informs EAM is drawn from multiple internal and external systems outside of your domain. This interdependence means involving a broader range of systems and engaging their stakeholders to develop intelligent digital assets.



The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems to achieve better specialist digital business outcomes. Data and Analytics systems are pivotal to making the transition to digital asset management. Having a whole of business perspective for the development of a roadmap for systems of intelligence for EAM, can make a key difference.


People & Culture

Transforming into a Digital Business is more than simply applying technology and systems. It is the sum of processes, culture and technologies that effect change for the better. The Touchstone Digital Business Service takes a whole of business point of view, and together with the partner ecosystem apply the right capability, framework and expert help to shift the dial. From helping people to stay safe, through to empowering them with information, insights and digital tools.


Digital Business

Chief Digital Officers and those charged with Digital Transformation across the enterprise have a key stake in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and revenue for the enterprise. Understanding the role data generated by plant and equipment has to play, will inform digital transformation strategies and plans. 



Data and Analytics Professionals are key stakeholders in the transformation of analogue Asset Management systems to intelligent Digital Assets. Having the broadest view of your enterprise's information management systems they will play a key role in the development and execution of an Asset Operations Data Roadmap.

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Timely Actionable Insights

Digital Asset Management means that you can drive maintenance programs based on health scores, predict asset failures and ultimately, be more criticality and reliability driven.

From a finance perspective identify how many assets have missing costs, make sure the most likely to fail spares are in your inventory, and optimise field logistics.

All this enables better Asset Operations which means you can more effectively move up the Asset Management Maturity Curve - achieving greater business readiness and operational innovation.

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Predictive Maintenance

Go beyond time-scheduled maintenance to condition-based action to predict the likelihood of future failures by applying machine learning and data analytics to reduce asset failures and their costs.

By unifying disparate operational data into analytics-driven predictive maintenance models you are able to look for patterns in asset data, usage and the environment, and correlate those patterns with any known issues to help your reliability engineers and maintenance managers predict failures as well as understand Asset Health scores.

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Smarter Resource Planning

Intelligent data-driven scheduling enables you to optimise a complete range of resources across Asset Operations, as part of the Touchstone Digital Business Service.

Planners can review graphically the resource workload and long-term budget impact of both preventive maintenance activities and work orders. As well as assess resource levels and constraints, thus eliminating unexpected surprises from work schedules.

Dispatchers and technicians can assign and report on work order progress and completion. Your field-force access clear work instructions, with the right parts and the right tools to enable more efficient job performance.

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The journey to maturing Asset Operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our tem is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

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