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Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

Digital Business Service


Evolving decades-old analogue plant and equipment into "steer-by-wire" digital assets enables your enterprise to extract better returns on existing assets as well as uncover new forms of business value. Central to achieving this is developing a strategy for the evolution of your data & analytics systems and data operations.

Data Operations for EAM

The roadmap service brings both industry and Data Operations expertise to the table. Understanding the place of EAM as part of your wider business, along with the governance and data quality practices for true digital asset management enables you to unlock new forms of value and extract better long-term asset performance.

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Strategic Outcomes

The Touchstone Digital Business Service for developing Asset Intelligence enables Enterprise Asset Managers to redefine how data is managed and utilised to create faster, more confident, decisions across your organisation.

Enables you to manage operational risks and meet compliance regimes through stronger data governance processes and robust data operations practices. 

Be able to confidently promote the use of data and insight-driven decisions through a structured pattern of quick wins and innovation. Building greater organisational alignment - across people, processes and in the application of technologies.



As an Enterprise Asset Management professional the performance of plant or equipment is central to your role. From a systems and information management perspective the data that informs EAM is drawn from multiple internal and external systems outside of your domain. This interdependence means involving a broader range of systems and engaging their stakeholders to develop intelligent digital assets.



The requirements of Enterprise Asset Management means facilitating the interconnection of multiple disparate systems to achieve better specialist digital business outcomes. Data and Analytics systems are pivotal to making the transition to digital asset management. Having a whole of business perspective for the development of a roadmap for systems of intelligence for EAM, can make a key difference.



Chief Digital Officers and those charged with Digital Transformation across the enterprise have a key stake in supporting the digitisation of Asset Operations - as this will unlock new forms of value and revenue for the enterprise.

Understanding the role data generated by plant and equipment has to play, will inform digital transformation strategies and plans. 



Data and Analytics Professionals are key stakeholders in the transformation of analogue Asset Management systems to intelligent Digital Assets.

Having the broadest view of your enterprise's information management systems they will play a key role in the development and execution of an Asset Operations Data Roadmap.

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Understanding Current Maturity

To develop an understanding of current data management and integration processes and any known issues and gaps, is the the starting point. From here documenting the same in order to develop alignment on data operations.

This step undertakes a high level data landscape review, looking at core systems and data sources, data movement, software & tools, provisioning and sharing and business continuity planning.

From here understanding data management maturity in relation to warehousing & integration.

And then delving into Data Governance practices across capabilities, tools, security and use of Business Intelligence and Analytics applications.

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Finding Opportunities

Identifying where better data & analytics maturity can be delivered through a combination of strategy, compliance, & innovation. As well as understanding your ambitions for Digital Asset Management across the spectrum of EAM, Intelligent Interaction and Asset Performance Management.

This step involves understanding future goals, key operational innovation drivers, and identifying pivotal gaps to realising those goals.

From here looking at future data management & analytics tools, along with the team structure and skills needed and then developing data & integration reference architectures.

Lastly an exploration of the necessary Data Governance practices that will form part of the roadmap.

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Aligning Resources

Getting stakeholders aligned around where you want to go, as well as the pathway that you will take to get there. This step is about what is required - across people, process & technology - to achieve your desired potential for the use of data.

This step entails the presentation of findings, reviewing those findings, and aligning stakeholders on the pathway to realising robust data operations practices.

Through this process a working, pragmatic plan is developed, with key milestones identified to enable Asset Operations to realise their Digital Asset Management Ambitions.


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