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Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry

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Business Apps & Systems

A Holistic Approach

Digital business represents an evolution of how value is created, consumed and measured. Digital Transformation happens at the intersection of people, technology and business processes. Delivering a digital business outcome occurs at the centre of feasibility, desirability and viability, and within the context of the infrastructure, business culture and the type of interaction.

A Framework for

Delivering Business Improvement

Applying a methodology in a flexible fashion - that leverages design thinking principles, agile practice, as well as tried-and-true digital consultancy toolsets - means that the Digital Foundry can be applied as needed to your particular digital transformation requirement. This flexibility means that regardless of the size, complexity or breadth of the digital initiative, the methods applied are consistent and leverage the most appropriate platforms and ecosystem partners to deliver fit-for-purpose digital transformation outcomes

Method 22

A needs-based framework

The underlying reason why you are undertaking a digital initiative drives what is the optimal way to achieve your stated goals. Typically, there is a spectrum somewhere between optimising or innovating that constrains what is possible. With the Digital Foundry, time is invested at the beginning to identify the right approach, in order to make sure a fit-for-purpose outcome is achieved.

Typically these are the main categories of business outcomes for any optimisation or process improvement initiative:

  • Better Insight – to manage and improve business performance and responses to change.
  • Sustainability Outcomes – enabling your enterprise and people to be compliant, safer, happier and efficient.
  • Improved Commerce – with better relationships with customers and partners to increase volume, yields and stakeholder returns.
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Business Enablement

When deploying a point solution or technology platform, you want to leverage deep industry experience and proven methods to deploy applications with confidence.

We work with you to help architect and select the best-of-breed toolsets, as well as access the right ecosystem partners to transform your digital infrastructure.

All the while paying close attention to minimising risk and maximising the impact.

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A Design Thinking Approach

Address more complex, cross-functional and interdisciplinary requirements to evolve your operational environment into an intelligent system, that embraces industry templates, capabilities and experience. This shortens the ime to deliver, leveraging the power of platform thinking and an ecosystem approach to deliver your digital initiative. 

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Digital Business Consulting

Innovate, optimise and modernise leveraging a range of management consulting, design thinking and digital methods. This holistic approach enables your enterprise to embrace the right set of methods based on the organisation's appetite for innovation. The most cited reason for failure in digital transformation is failure to get stakeholder alignment and cultural inertia. Addressing these challenges at the beginning is key to embracing new business models and strategic DX initiatives.

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Michael Cahir Presenter
Michael Cahir
General Manager


The journey to maturing enterprise operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

For more on the Industry Transformer Ecosystem and the specialist solutions and capabilities it has to offer please get in touch.

We are here to support your particular business operations maturation journey.

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