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Better Business Outcomes

Better Business Outcomes



Using a platform-thinking approach coupled with continuous improvement mode of operation means that the right type of step-change can be selected as required to deliver a digital business outcome. The focus is on what the business needs rather than what the technology can do.

Develop Operational Excellence

Leverage your existing investments in people, process and systems, and bring together the right combination of capabilities and digital technologies specifically designed to enable operational excellence.

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enterprise asset management

Give maintenance teams the ability to track asset conditions and anomalies more efficiently, using remote monitoring. AI and IoT helps them see, predict and prevent issues across legacy systems and data-driven operations.

Remotely monitor critical assets and operations with AI-powered monitoring at enterprise scale. Aggregate operating state and IT data with process parameters across repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance and receive fewer, more accurate alerts and greater insights.

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Smarter ways of working

Intelligent Interaction enables your people to perform in the field safely, securely and efficiently. The Touchstone Digital Business Service delivers best-in-class Business Applications and Systems leveraging a strong foundational platform built on decades of experience, deep knowledge of industry processes, culture and digital technologies.

From field service app's to dashboards and modelling tools, through to scheduling and planning systems, intelligent interaction covers a spectrum of workforce empowerment tools that also include knowledge transfer, augmented reality and health & safety applications.

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Business App's, Business Systems & Infrastructure

Put Business App's into the hands of your people & contract field-force - supporting them in the field with work order dispatch, context-aware knowledge-base access, condition reporting tools, and hazard awareness and Health & Safety support and compliance reporting.

Manage the effectiveness of field-forces with dispatch, planning and scheduling management systems. Schedule and assign work based on business objectives using an intuitive graphical user interface to quickly grasp task or project status, any resource requirements and potential trade-offs. 

Enable your digital infrastructure transformation, in a robust, scalable and innovative way. With server-less computing make the move to the cloud with the integration of sensors, devices and things (IoT). Utilise data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning across a range of locations and operating environments. 

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applied Artificial intelligence

According to Mckinsey, "Research shows that 70 percent of complex, large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals." A sobering prospect for any Digital Change Agent, trying to navigate introducing a digital business initiative into their enterprise.

In response, and based on painstaking research, we have developed an approach to DX that leverages best practice frameworks and methods, combined with a platform approach which leverages an industry-specific ecosystem of capabilities, experience and expertise.

The net of this approach means that you can achieve maximum results for comparatively low risk, plus a fit-for-purpose digital business outcome.

Explore different business outcomes

  • Product_Asset Management_Feature-min
    Asset Management
    Understanding the underlying principles and fundamental processes in the delivery of Enterprise Asset Management means that each Digital Business Service is geared to delivering better operational readiness and individual asset performance.
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  • Product_Digital Intelligence_Feature-min
    DATA & Analytics
    Digital Intelligence
    Fundamental to the delivery of enhanced operational performance is building systems of intelligence. This approach provides the foundation for the application of Artificial Intelligence, intelligent interaction and Asset Performance Management.
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  • Product_Workforce Empowerment_Feature-min
    Field Operations
    Workforce Empowerment
    Critical to empowering your people's performance is understanding the dynamics of Field Operations in the delivery of EAM. This means that the applications, systems, and devices are fit-for-purpose enabling greater efficiency, better well-being and a cultural advantage.
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  • Product_Workspace Optimisation_Feature-min
    Spatial systems
    Understanding spatial management dynamics for facilities and workspaces, means you can maximise return on investment, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver healthier work environments across the spectrum of facilities stakeholders.
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  • Product_Asset Performance_Feature-min
    Applied AI
    Asset Performance
    Having the fundamentals right, means that the adoption of advanced asset management applications and modes of operation is less prone to error. With an ecosystem of expert partners you are able to deliver cost-effective Operational Innovation.
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  • Product_Enterprise Digital Transformation Services_Feature-min
    Business Apps & Systems
    Digital Services
    Leverage the frameworks, methods and technologies of the Digital Foundry to modernise your existing systems, processes and platforms, or to innovate aspects of your enterprise to find new and better ways to deliver value to your customers.
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Michael Cahir Presenter
Michael Cahir
General Manager


The journey to maturing Asset Operations and developing operational excellence is just one part of what the Industry Transformer Ecosystem can enable you to do.

Our team is committed to working with you collaboratively and to introduce the right partners to collaborate on your digital transformation journey.

For more on the Industry Transformer Ecosystem and the specialist solutions and capabilities it has to offer please get in touch.

We are here to support your particular Asset Operations maturation journey.

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