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Increase operational efficiency with AI and Digital Assistants

Leverage cutting edge technology to optimise knowledge transfer,
maintenance, staff engagement, decision-making and more.

Welcome to the Age of Digital Assistants

With AI and Digital Human technologies developing faster every day, more and more businesses need to consider how these innovations will impact their business – and how to make sure they do so in a positive way. Digital humans combine leading-edge technologies such as AI, advanced animations and speech and facial recognition, to create machines that look, sound and move like humans.

Digital humans + Assistants consist of a front-end interface, usually a mobile device, website or kiosk, connected to the machine learning platform that hosts the data, algorithms and processes. The benefits of digital humans are clear; they can be in many places at once, interacting with many people simultaneously, they can access and process all available data, and best of all, digital humans have infinite patience, making them much better at interacting with people at different speeds and capabilities than real people are.

Digital Humans in Asset Intensive Industries

For asset intensive organisations, Digital Humans and AI can significantly improve operational efficiency and address some of the significant challenges they are facing. And it’s no longer just a futuristic vision. Thanks to innovative solutions like IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Advisor, asset intensive organisations can benefit from AI today.

The power of AI and Digital Humans lies in their ability to access and process large, complex knowledge bases and turn data into actionable insights more quickly and reliably than any human ever could. As a result, Digital Humans and their underlying machine learning platforms enable organisations to truly leverage the vast amount of data they have stored in different systems and inside people's heads better than ever before. This offers asset intensive organisations multiple benefits.

How Digital Humans Can Benefit Asset Intensive Organisations


Increase maintenance efficiency

AI, Digital Humans and solutions like IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Advisor can help asset intensive organisations reduce machine downtime and optimise maintenance efforts.


Improve knowledge transfer

Digital Humans are ideally suited to help businesses overcome knowledge transfer challenges by capturing all available data, and making it accessible when needed.


Optimise decision making

Due to their ability to process and analyse vast amounts of data and communicate findings in an engaging manner, Digital Humans are extremely useful in informing decision making.


Better staff engagement

Due to their ability to provide insights in a personalised manner and their infinite patience, Digital Human can help engage, motivate and support staff.

AI and Digital Human technology applied in asset intensive organisations

With new technology being developed every day, there are an ever-increasing number of AI and Digital Human technologies that asset intensive organisations can tap into – ranging from simple, generic solutions to highly advanced technologies. Here are just three examples.


Voice Assistant Apps

Staff can use Siri and other similar voice recognition solutions to access general information on the go without having to type.


Digital Human Coaches

Digital Humans can be used as coaches to train engineers and field workers in an efficient and personalised way.


IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant

Advanced solutions like IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant can help organisation optimise maintenance and operational efficiencies.

An AI-powered assistant for your field technician

The face of maintenance across every industry is changing. Organisations are struggling with loss of talent, knowledge silos, ageing infrastructure, and rising maintenance costs.

IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant helps your organisation move to standardised and optimised maintenance procedures executed by every technician at the level of your best technician. It enables lean practices of standard work, even for the intrinsic knowledge that today only exists in the head of your experienced technicians.

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Optimise your Asset Health

The first step towards realising operational efficiencies from these cutting edge technologies is to ensure you understand the current health of your assets. Download our Asset Health Use Case to learn why the health of your assets is important to leveraging AI and digital human technologies.


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