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Equipment Maintenance Assistant: How it can improve your field operations.

Looking for ways to transfer knowledge, improve field maintenance efficiency and improve asset performance? Then join us for a discussion on how Equipment Maintenance Assistant can optimise maintenance processes and effect better knowledge transfer.

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Topics discussed in this webinar...


Improving knowledge sharing

How can you improve your field engineers access to the information they need and how to ensure people’s expert knowledge is captured and shared.


Faster diagnosis + fix times

How the automation of guidance on best repair procedures can improve First Time To Fix and Mean time to Repair KPI's.


Ways to reduce operational costs

How can you reduce equipment failure and maintenance and repair costs while increasing asset uptime and extending asset life.

If optimising your equipment maintenance processes is important to you?

Then join this on-demand webinar where Chris Ride and Tania Walsh discuss a solution that combines asset data and AI to bring powerful insights to your maintenance technicians and helps you optimise your maintenance processes and knowledge transfer.

A conversation about optimising equipment maintenance and knowledge transfer


Chris Ride


Chris has over ten years' experience delivering technology solutions ranging from mobility to integration and asset management.


Tania Walsh


Tania is a highly experienced Client Director. Throughout her career, she has helped organisations from a wide range of industries solve their business problems through technology.

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