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The latest insights from digital business leaders
on innovation and agile practices.

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Chris Ride

Join us for the #EnablementDialogues Series

Technological change is nothing new. But this round of change is happening at a rate faster than ever before. 

We've brought together a lineup of leading digital business leaders to share their valuable expertise  on navigating this change using digital technology and agile practices. 

Throughout this series you’ll learn:

  • Why new technologies will create unprecedented opportunities. ​
  • The importance of organizational strategy and security/governance models as you start to move or build for the cloud.
  • How intelligent interfaces enable better customer engagement and operational transformation.

Scroll down to see the full list of episodes and what we’ll be covering. I look forward to having you along.

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Episode 1

Digital Transformation: To Optimise or Innovate?

You may be weighing up whether you take the optimisation route or the innovation route for digital transformation. Hear from leaders who have been through a similar process and how they approached this in their organisations.

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Episode 2

How Intelligent Interfaces are Shifting The Digital Dial

Without question, the global pandemic has accelerated the use and need for intelligent digital interfaces. Being able to get critical information to users, whether they’re employees or customers, on their devices is an essential part of doing business today. In this episode, the panel discusses how organisations can take advantage of AI, bots and other interfaces and why this is empowering organisations to do more with their data.

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Episode 3

The Forge Digital Foundry

The Forge Digital Foundry is a methodology that embraces different tools and different sets of expertise to build agile and resilient enterprises. Hear how Forge is helping organisations to transform IT challenges into a competitive advantage using customer experience principles and design thinking techniques.

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Episode 4

How To Modernise Your Applications In The Cloud​

In this episode, we’re discussing modernisation in the cloud and how it affects existing applications and your approach to new applications. The panel also explores the benefits that the cloud is bringing to application development and the best way to get started with cloud modernisation.

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