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Intelligent interfaces

Utilise new and improved digital capabilities based on AI and automation and delivered through intelligent interfaces.

Engage, inform and optimise

We are experts in designing and developing intelligent interface solutions that enable you to better engage staff and customers, get the right information in front of the right people and optimise systems and processes.

Intelligent Interfaces 1

Web and mobile apps, chatbots, virtual assistants and more

Provide contextual information to staff or customers on the move via mobile apps and use chatbots to share more consistent information and reduce the demand for human interaction. Leverage virtual assistants to offer a more consistent and conversational experience – especially in the age of social distancing – and bring all of the data together in smart web-applications that provide a single source of truth.

No matter what intelligent interface is right for you, we can design and implement the solution that will help you achieve your business goals.

Utilise intelligent interfaces to achieve your core business goals



Enable business systems via smart mobile or web-apps, chatbots or other innovative, intelligent interfaces.


Incremental improvement

Modernise your existing systems to achieve more by building on the investments you have already made.


Optimise processes
& performance

Leverage smart technology and devices to optimise your processes and enable your people to achieve more.


Better business intelligence

Leverage intelligent interfaces to transform data into actionable insights that inform smart business decisions.


More efficient innovation

Enable effective innovation across the business by utilising intelligent interfaces and capabilities.

Intelligent Interfaces 2

Powered by intelligent contextual capabilities

We leverage AI and Machine Learning to provide more intelligent insights that improve engagement, and augmented reality to lower adoption barriers and upskill people in the field. Our process improvements help automate common workflows, and visual recognition technology can be applied to reduce the number of people in the field.

All of that is supported by our expertise in API management, cloud hosting and connectivity to ensure your solutions are reliable and effective.

Case Study - Lifeblood
Engaging blood donors across Australia to save lives
The Forge team have been invaluable in developing Artisan and making it the game-changer solution it now is. We are looking forward to taking it even further together in the future
Grant Ford
Artisan Product Director | BRANZ


Better engage your staff
and customers

Talk to us to find out how intelligent interfaces can help you achieve your business goals.