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Watson IoT Platform

Securely connect, manage and analyse IoT data with the Watson IoT PlatformManage IoT devices and make better decisions using secure, globally distributed data, analytics, and cloud capabilities.

IBM Watson IoT Platform

Industrial processes are undergoing a radical transformation. Ubiquitous, cheap connectivity and instrumentation from machines on the shop floor to the finished product are creating a surge in the amount of IoT data from different sources. To stay competitive, organisations need to find ways to use AI to gain insights from this data and upgrade their enterprise to Industry 4.0.

IBM’s Watson IoT Platform allows you to securely connect, manage and analyse IoT data to improve business productivity and deliver innovative services to your customers.

At Certus, we have extensive experience implementing the Watson IoT platform in organisations all over Australasia. Through Watson IoT and our expert implementation services, our customers are unlocking the power of data with AI and IoT to innovate asset management, optimise real estate and facilities, improve software and systems engineering, and advance their digital transformation.


My top IoT Platform Resources

Hi everyone, Roy Lorenzen here, Solutions Manager at Certus. The Internet of Things can seem complex, and the opportunities can be overwhelming. To help shed some light on the topic and help you identify the critical opportunities for your business, I have compiled a list of my top IoT Platform resources.

I hope these recourses have given you some clarity around the complex topic of IoT. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions about IoT.


Are you getting into the business of Internet of Things? 

Getting started with Internet of Things (IoT) is not as simple as it sounds. While the cost of a sensor continues to go down, companies find the effort to connect and collect is going up. If you are considering the Internet of Things for cars or cows, factories or farms, appliances or aeroplanes, then you need connecting things to be simple, secure and scalable.

IBM has a solution to make it simple to connect and collect data from devices. The Watson IoT platform helps turn an IoT strategy into reality. It’s built for today but designed for the future.

Benefits of the Watson IoT Platform

Are you struggling to move beyond what’s on paper and into a proof of concept? Maybe now is the time to consider the Watson IoT platform. Why? For four main reasons:

  1. Preparing for the future: You need to be able to connect to a variety of sensors
  2. Storing lots of data: You need to be able to collect, process and archive data using built-in lifecycle management process
  3. Managing an ecosystem: You need to be ready for blockchain services to offer greater trust and traceability as well as smart contracts
  4. Visualising and analysing: You need KPI's and anomaly detection to know when to act

The capabilities of the Watson IOT platform can be yours to try for just a few dollars per day so that you can take that idea from proof of concept to its full potential. If you’re ready to think big, start small and go fast, then use the resources above to learn more about Watson IoT or get in touch with us today.

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