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How can you enable your asset management workers to perform better in the field?

Are your asset management workers slowed down by lack of access to the right information at the right time? Are you frustrated by the poor quality data that comes back from the field? Managing and equipping a mobile workforce is a challenge for many businesses. Out-dated processes, lack of connectivity and the slow flow of data result in inefficiencies, frustrations and, at times, safety risks.

Sound familiar? This webinar is for you.

What you can learn


Providing access to information

How can you make sure your people have access to the right tools, resources and instructions?


Responding to change

How can you help your mobile workers react effectively to changing circumstances and work orders?


Overcoming connectivity issues

How can you give your people access to tools and recourses when they are outside of mobile phone and Wi-Fi coverage?


Collecting accurate data

How can you enable your team to collect highly accurate data while out in the field, and streamline the flow of this data into your systems?

Looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your mobile workers?

Then join this on-demand webinar to hear Certus experts Leroy Clarke and Roy Lorenzen discuss the mobile solutions that help businesses across Australia and New Zealand enable their workers to be effective and safe.

A conversation about solving worker enablement challenges


Roy Lorenzen


As a Solutions Director, Roy has been solutioning and delivering Advanced Systems into the Asset Intensive industry for the past 12 years. His experience as Solutions Director enables him to provide an overarching view across multiple systems to enable a holistic view of delivering business outcomes.


Leroy Clarke


Leroy has a passion for emerging technology and helping people to realise the potential of utilising that technology to gain the upper hand in this fast paced world. As Digital Sales Specialist, his role is to advise and enable customers in their digital transformation journey.

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