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Infrastructure & Asset Management

Get more value out of your assets with the Certus Platform Approach,
powered by IBM Maximo.

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The power of the platform approach for Infrastructure & Asset Management

The old way of managing infrastructure and assets was all about collecting data. Collect data. Manually parse it. Make sense of it. Use it to make decisions. 

But the world is changing. Intelligence is no longer about just gathering information. It’s about gathering information, then enlisting AI and ML to automate decision making. This means better information and less time spent analysing data.​ Assets and infrastructure are the combination of four forces: *Customers *Partners *Employees *Things​.

The Certus Asset Insights platform approach brings these data sources together, in a single data analytics platform. Using the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Suite we can help you move towards a single version of the truth about your asset performance – which forms a foundation to build AI, ML and other automated systems. 


Operational Excellence
Business Intelligence​
Workforce Productivity​
Workspace Optimisation
Asset Performance
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Operational Excellence

Optimise the way you work with assets and infrastructure. Get clearer information about asset performance, and use that information to make better decisions, faster.

Extend your Asset Management capabilities and move up the maturity curve.

  • Adopt best practice processes
  • Improve productivity, efficiency & safety
  • Manage knowledge and field operations with greater confidence
  • Gain insight into health, performance & reliability.
  • Plan with better knowledge of present day performance.

Use transformation to your advantage with Operational Innovation​

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Learn about the four methods that enable leading organisations to improve asset intellignce and make the best predictive maintenance decisions

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Business Analyst, Ankit Biswas, provides clarity on what digital transformation really means and what steps should be taken to make this journey successful

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Business Intelligence​

Achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all your asset types – traditional IT, physical and emerging smart assets – on a single platform​. Predictive maintenance and scheduling, dashboards that give you real time information and more. Then take the next step into ML ops, AI ops and advanced analytics. This means:

  • Improved return on assets
  • Decreased costs and risk
  • Increased productivity, asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue
  • Improved asset-related decision making
  • Easier regulatory compliance efforts-
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Apply Intelligent Interactions to your specific business challenges​

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Download the free eBook to learn how to move up the Asset Maturity Curve with IBM Maximo

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Modernising Maximo – Digitising the workforce

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Workforce Productivity​

Get more done with fewer people – and focus your people on the highest and best use of their time. Richer information about your assets gives you a clearer view of what needs to be done, and when. Apply this information to your workforce and get more done, in less time, with higher satisfaction for each worker. 

  • Smarter workforce scheduling
  • Health and safety management (without all the paperwork)
  • Field service apps to make workers' lives easier
  • Contractor management

Then move into automated solutions like mobile development, digital assistants and drone operations. 

Learn how improved user experiences for your field workers can lift quality and productivity while reducing risks

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A discussion around the role humans will play in asset maintenace for the future​

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Workspace Optimisation

Your workspace is a major asset. Optimise it, and reduce costs while also getting more out of your team. Create better, more productive workplaces for your team. Collect information about what's working and what isn't – then make changes based on what you learn.

From there, build intelligent interfaces using things like sensors and computervision that turn your workspace into a complementary tool for your team – not just a place where they go to work. 

Adapting workspaces to new uses, quick smart

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Find out how IBM TRIRIGA makes managing real estate and assets efficient and cost-effective

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Asset Performance

Gain a single view of your asset. Enable asset owners and managers to drive the provision of capital enhancement and maintenance services aimed at keeping assets efficient and available.​ House, govern and quality-assure the vast amounts of data that assets create. From here, we help you turn that data into actionable insights to drive better asset performance. 

This is about more than data. It's about intelligence. It's about turning collecting data, then turning it into valuable business outcomes – not just collecting it and sitting on it.

Learn how Port Waratah Coal Services is benefiting from a single view of assets​

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Why asset management matters for smaller businesses​

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Book your free ideation workshop ​

Take your first step by booking an ideation workshop with us today. We will work with you to figure out what’s possible, and what infrastructure and asset management could and should look like in your business.

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