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How can you Improve Enterprise Data Management with Data Vault 2.0?

Join Certus experts Julien Redmond and James Hartwright for this on-demand Webinar to learn more about how financial service organisations can approach this data challenge and how Data Vault 2.0 can make compliance and governance reporting easier, more reliable and more cost-effective.

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What You Will Learn

In this webinar, you will learn about effectively managing enterprise information for compliance and reporting purposes.


How compliance and regulatory reporting are evolving 

Gain a better understanding of how the regulatory landscape is changing for financial service organisations and what that means from a data management perspective.


How to deal with changing regulations or data sources

Learn how to make sure your data management solutions can deal with changing regulations and standards and data changes at the source.


The Benefits of Data Vault 2.0

Find out how Data Vault 2.0 can help financial service organisations better manage their data, lift data quality and produce the required compliance and regulatory reporting.

Do you want to consistently produce high-quality governance and compliance reporting?

Then tune in and discover how Data Vault 2.0 helps financial service organisations make the most of their data, and learn why it is the enterprise data management system of choice for leading companies like Telstra, Audi, Lockheed, Vodafone and Tesco.

A conversation about Enterprise Data Management and Data Vault 2.0


Julien Redmond


Julien is an expert at helping businesses understand how they can improve customer engagements and business processes by moving their organisations quickly up the information management maturity curve.


James Hartwright


James is a data-centric leader who has substantial experience in creating and managing solid solutions and passionate teams for business-value-focussed delivery.

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