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Equipment Maintenance Assistant

An assistant to help all of your technicians perform like your best technician. Find out how businesses all over Australia and New Zealand optimise equipment maintenance and knowledge transfer.

Equipment Maintenance Assistant

Imagine if your field technicians – no matter the experience level – had the ability to augment their knowledge with the data you are already collecting and the power of artificial intelligence (AI). IBM’s EMA solution builds its knowledge base using your structured and unstructured data associated with repairs, work order history, technical documents, specification diagrams, industry blogs, and more. Based on that data, it identifies early warning signs and identifies the optimal repair or service procedure for your technicians to execute. It also continuously learns from the technicians’ interactions and uses this feedback to improve future recommendations.

With over two decades of experience working with asset-intensive businesses across Australasia, we at Certus understand the challenges these businesses face. An aging workforce, a lack of efficient knowledge transfer processes and increasingly complex assets mean achieving maintenance KPIs is not an easy task. Having worked with leading business such as Genesis Energy, BAE Systems, Transpower and BP Australia, we have seen first-hand the benefits systems like IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant delivers.



My top EMA Resources

Hi everyone, Roy Lorenzen here, Solutions Manager at Certus. I have put together some resources to enable you to learn more Equipment Maintenance Assistant. This includes the on-demand webinar with my colleagues Chris and Tania as well as other video content, customer stories and more.

I hope you find these resources valuable. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the resources or would like to learn more about Equipment Maintenance Assistant.

Supercharge your equipment maintenance processes

IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant has helped our customers across Australasia to overcome the challenges associated with equipment maintenance and knowledge transfer. Having implemented the system for numerous organisations across the regions, we have seen first-hand the immensely positive impact IBM’s EMA solution can have. Here are some of the key benefits our customers have experienced.

Better knowledge sharing

EMA has helped our customers address challenges associated with an ageing workforce by harvesting best practices and technical expertise. As a result, the system helps maintenance personnel to become better at predicting asset failure and degradation.

Improved maintenance KPIs

We have seen the efficiency of repair increase by up to 10%. Customer experience much better first-time fix rates (FTF) and improve mean time to repair (MTTR) by using EMA to identify the best methods to address specific maintenance needs.

Increase failure diagnosis capabilities

EMA has helped many of our customers to increase their failure diagnosis capabilities significantly. The system does this by integrating with asset failure history and engineering knowledge base to provide insights on root-cause failure analysis (RCFA) and failure modes & effects analysis (FMEA).

Better guidance on the best repair

IBM’s EMA solution offers prescriptive repair recommendations based on a variety of structure and unstructured data inputs. Ingestion can include repair manuals, work orders, written comments, root-cause failures, and more.

Extended asset life due to optimal repairs

The step-by-step repair guidance provided via EMA helps organisations extend asset life and provides compliance based on current standards, regulations, and best practices.

Better asset availability & reduced cost

For many of our customers, EMA drives improved asset-related outcomes, including better asset availability, decreased unscheduled downtime, reduced maintenance costs, and better operational efficiency.

Why you should consider Equipment Maintenance Assistant

Learn how can optimise your maintenance processes and knowledge transfer with Equipment Maintenance Assistant. Watch the webinar now.


Overcome the challenges of equipment maintenance!

Learn how organisations can optimise their maintenance processes and improve knowledge sharing.